The Ontario Science Centre,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Immersed is about giving content makers, technology innovators, and professionals the tools and resources they need to build their businesses and careers in an immersive world.

From development expertise to media exposure, with access to the investment community and future customers, Immersed is a must attend event.

  • Virtual Reality
  • Augmented Reality
  • Stereoscopic 3D
  • Gesture Technology
  • 360-degree Immersive Cinema
  • Video Games
  • Education
  • Academia


Who should go?

Whether you are a professional, an entrepreneur, an investor, or a member of the media, Immersed is the industry building conference for Canada and the North American East Coast.

Featured Technologies Markets Covered Immersed Conference Features
  • Augmented reality
  • Virtual reality
  • Gesture technology
  • Stereoscopic 3D
  • and more!
  • Video games
  • VR cinema
  • Metaverse development
  • Serious games / Simulation
  • Education
  • and MORE!
  • Panel Discussions
  • Dedicated Talks
  • Professional Workshops
  • Networking reception(s)
  • and MORE!

Immersed Logo

October 16 – 18, 2016 at the Ontario Science Centre

    • Immersed 2016 completed its third year! The Ontario Science Centre, the official Immersed 2016 strategic partner, is one of Canada’s largest and busiest public education venues.
    • Industry-building event for professionals working in immersive markets such as augmented reality, virtual reality, 3D, and more.  Also features separate hall and education platform for consumer reach partnered with Ontario Science Centre.
    • Top speakers, influential media, fantastic networking, valuable education.
    • Well known moderators like Space Channel’s Ajay Fry!
    • Exhibit and education halls for consumer and industry reach are completely separated.
    • Immersed 2016 public exhibit estimated to have over 8,000 visitors over three days, and up to 20,000 square feet in size!
    • Reached thousands of future VR/AR consumers outside the enthusiast space.
    • Held in Toronto, Canada – North America’s fourth largest city.

Industry growth requires new customers, new content makers, new investment, new media, and bold new ideas.  Immersed is the one-stop event that achieves all these needs on the Eastern Seaboard.  It’s time for something new.

At Immersed, we don’t just talk about the future, WE BUILD IT.

What Does Immersed 2016 Have in Store?


Ajay Fry, InnerSpace Co-Host, Space Channel

Keynote: Daryl Sartain, Director of VR, AMD

Opening Keynote: Daryl Sartain, Director of VR, AMD

Our first highlight panel moderator was Ajay Fry, Co-Host of the flagship program InnerSpace which airs weeknights at 6:00PM EST on the Space Channel. Ajay is an avid gamer, inquisitive interviewer, and wants to learn more about immersive tech!

The opening keynote address was presented by Daryl Sartain, Director of VR for Advanced Micro Devices.  Mr. Sartain also serves as Chairman for the ITA VR Council.

Nearly 40 speakers in all!  As with every Immersed event, we highlight influential thought leaders, bold new ideas, and know-how that is otherwise difficult to come by.

Immersive Storytelling Panel at Immersed 2015

Audio in VR Panel at Immersed 2015

About Immersed

Why is Immersed important?

Immersive technologies such as virtual reality and augmented reality are on the cusp of mass market success, and it’s going to take a collaborative effort to get there. This collaborative effort requires the involvement of technology makers, content makers, investors, media, and ultimately consumers – a lot of consumers. Applications include entertainment, video games, medicine, education, broadcasting, and new ideas that are only now being explored.

Strategically partnered with the Ontario Science Centre, Immersed is THE industry-building event where the market leaders, investors, pioneers, academics and consumers meet and build.

Immersed 2016 featured a unique parallel formula where one portion of the show was dedicated to industry level networking and education, while the other was 100% about showcasing the excitement of immersive technology to future consumers and teaching the public about the wonderful science that goes in to these exciting technologies.

Having an estimated reach of about 3,000 to 5,000 visitors a day, this year’s consumer facing addition is new, and we’ve identified it as a core requirement so that exhibitors can get valuable data and insights from their future customers, prove demand to investors from actual consumer input, and ultimately market products to the right people above and beyond the enthusiast community.

Toronto, Canada is the fourth largest city in North America, it’s one of the world’s leading hubs for content creation, and Immersed 2016 is strategically important to the North American East Coast market.  Founded in 2014, there is only one Immersed – and this is it.

There are all kinds of Meetups and Conferences.  Why should I go to this one?

L-R: Neil Schneider (The ITA) and Lucas Cochran, Daily Planet, The Discovery Channel

L-R: Neil Schneider (The ITA) and Lucas Cochran (Daily Planet, The Discovery Channel)

Immersed 2016 is the first major event that meets the unique needs of industry professionals, and also creates a rare opportunity to reach out to thousands of qualified future customers that don’t know the first thing about immersive technology and want to learn more.  Teachers, students, teenagers, parents, adults – they will be at Immersed 2016 to see, to experience, and to learn.

For entrepreneurs, Immersed is a rare opportunity to showcase your work and your ideas to an able investment community and high traffic media.  This is a golden opportunity to learn how you can fund your ideas from the people and organizations that specialize in making this possible.  For professionals, this is an intimate venue for meeting and learning from fellow market leaders flying in from all over the world.

The nature of these events make the delegates, media, speakers, and exhibitors very select and tops in their field.  Consistent feedback from participants is everyone they meet at Immersed events are directly related and relevant for their day to day business.

Generalists or people who want to learn more about this industry and how it could impact their day to day will meet top industry experts and get a deeper grasp of where things are headed and why.

Strategically partnered with the Ontario Science Centre, an Immersed 2016 public exhibition sized at up to 20,000 square feet is being built to demonstrate the exciting potential that virtual and augmented reality have to deliver.  All Ontario Science Centre ticket holders and members will qualify for free entrance, and the museum gets anywhere from 3,000 to 5,000 visitors a day.

When and Where is Immersed?

Ontario Science Centre

Immersed 2016 takes place October 16-18 (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday) at the Ontario Science Centre in Toronto, Ontario.

Why Toronto and Why the Ontario Science Centre?

Toronto, Ontario is the fourth largest city in North America. As much as 60% of Canada’s game development community is driving distance from Toronto, and this grand city is a major hub for cinema, broadcasting, and media. Toronto is also home of the Toronto International Film Festival.

Toronto is reasonable driving distance away from such cities as Philadelphia, Boston, New York, Cleveland, Chicago, and more.  Make sure you have a passport if you are driving or flying here!

The Ontario Science Centre is one of Canada’s largest education venues with 3,000 to 5,000 visitors per day.  In addition to having well outfitted professional spaces, this is the best venue for marketers trying to dramatically expand their reach by directly appealing to teachers, students, teenagers, and all adults who are excited about science and trying new things.

Who is Making Immersed Possible?

All Immersed events are organized by The Immersive Technology Alliance (The ITA).

An Ontario-based non-profit corporation that is non-proprietary in nature, the ITA is the official voice and industry body for immersive technologies like augmented reality, virtual reality, stereoscopic 3D, and more.

Originally founded as the Stereoscopic 3D Gaming Alliance in 2009, its name was formally changed to The ITA with an expanded mandate in March, 2014 at Game Developers Conference.

Immersed welcomes all participants whether or not they are members of the alliance.

An Immersed 2016 strategic partner, the Ontario Science Centre delights, informs and challenges visitors by offering hands-on experiences and engagement with science of local, national and global relevance. The Science Centre has welcomed more than 49 million visitors since it opened in 1969, implementing an interactive approach adapted by science centres around the world. The Science Centre is the public centre for innovative thinking and the prime venue for public dialogue about science, technology and society.


Is the Public There?


Immersed 2015 Tech Exhibition

Mammoths and Mastodons: Titans of the Ice Age. Toronto, Canada. February 9, 2016 (photo: Vito Amati/Ryan Emberley Photography

Small part of new exhibition area.  Up to 20,000 square feet!

YES!  Immersed 2016 is strategically partnered with the Ontario Science Centre, and we built a special exhibition which was over 20,000 square feet in size.

Immersed was heavily marketed through all available channels to effectively reach teachers, students, parents, and consumers excited about immersive technology because we wanted them to see the best that this market has to offer.

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