General Membership

The Immersive Technology Alliance has two financial goals. The first is to attract enough members so that The ITA can exist, fulfill its mandate, and maintain an effective online presence for consumers and industry alike.

The second financial goal is to fund additional industry-building initiatives that will capture consumer and media interest, and help drive sales and growth for member companies. Examples include conferences, research reports, consumer events, joint marketing efforts, meetings, and more. This will be handled separately, and will be up for discussion during board meetings, membership meetings, and conferences.

One of our assets is Meant to be Seen ( / MTBS). MTBS is the leading consumer driven advocacy group for immersive technology. It features news, game reviews, and all kinds of compelling content. MTBS has tens of thousands of forum posts to date, earns millions of hits per month, and is regularly cited as a credible media resource. MTBS is also credited as the launch point of The Oculus Rift, the Virtuix Omni, the Minecrift VR mod, the Vireio Perception open source VR drivers, and several more community innovations with a rich history.

As an established hub for immersive technology consumers, The Immersive Technology Alliance has a special arrangement with Meant to be Seen that gives The ITA members inclusive promotional benefits with their membership. This is a critical feature for all companies interested in product sales and having direct access to their customers as soon as possible.

While discounts are not available for companies wishing to waive their consumer reach benefits, membership fees remain directly competitive with other alliances and organizations that do not possess this benefit.

A “General Member” is defined as:

  • A technology maker (e.g. displays, HMDs, input devices, GPUs, consoles, etc.).
  • A tool maker (software development tools with the exception of game engines).
  • Software Development Kit (SDK) maker.
  • Camera rig maker and service provider.
  • Formal technician and/or service companies (not the same as consultant).

GENERAL membership levels are as follows:


Basic $5,000
Contributor $15,000
Promoter $30,000

All values are in US funds, and do not include applicable taxes.

The above rates are for established technology making firms in a commercial status. Special pricing and packages are available for content makers, game developers and formative immersive technology companies. The membership structure was purposely designed so that there are no financial barriers of entry for applicable content makers and committed immersive technology developers building a future in this space (within reason).

Prospective members can email to receive and sign a formal membership agreement.

The following pages give a description of the tiers and their benefits. All details are subject to change without notice.

Tiers and Benefits in The ITA

The ITA Basic Contributor Promoter
Annual membership fee $5,000 $15,000 $30,000
Recognized as an ITA Member Company.  Company logo appears on website.
Access to private teleconference meetings. 1 Representative 2 Representatives Limited only by space
Access to private in-person ITA meetings and events. 1 Representative 2 Representatives Limited only by space
Immersed Access, ITA's private community website when available.  Site will feature NDA backed private forums, presentations, blogs, etc. Up to 5 accounts Up to 10 accounts Up to 25 accounts.
Discounts on participating vendor services.
Corporate banner ad rotation on Front Page Front Page, Private Community Run of Site
Internal Research reports Discounted Free Free
Acknowledgement in the ITA press releases. Inclusion in introductory ITA release. Minimum 1 per year. All*
Option to write 'Industry Speaks' articles/editorial * ●* ●* ●*
Dedicated discussion forum on the ITA website that company can participate with when available.  Forums enhanced with company logo in listing.
Freedom to send press releases directly to corporate membership lists * Standard Rates Discounted Free
Committees, sub-committees, and steering teams Participate Chair/Co-Chair Eligibility Chair/Co-Chair Eligibility
White papers and tutorials Can Submit Submit and review Submit and review
Board of Directors Membership Eligible

ITA MTBS Benefits Basic Contributor Promoter
Promotional banner on the front page of
Promotional banner in the consumer article pages. Discounted
Promotional banner in MTBS discussion forums.
Run of site ads that include front page, article pages, forums, and more. Discounted
Dedicated consumer discussion forum on MTBS that member company is authorized to directly participate with. Forums are enhanced with a company logo in the listing. *
On condition that the content is interesting and newsworthy, the option to participate with 'Industry Speaks' articles and/or write editorials for the community to read. *
Ability to survey members for internal research purposes. * Discounted
Subject to approval, email blasts to registered members. * Discounted

* Some restrictions apply