Content Makers

Thank you for your interest in joining The Immersive Technology Alliance.  Both non-profit and non-proprietary, our whole reason for being is to make immersive technology successful.  We measure success with the adoption of immersive technologies, customer satisfaction, and ultimately the sales of immersive content.  We represent the interests of content makers, hardware makers, and technology enablers in the areas of AR, VR, stereoscopic 3D, and everything in-between.

A “Content Member” is defined as:

  • Creator of immersive entertainment (e.g. movies, video games, experiences).
  • Game engine creators.
  • Approved consultants that DO NOT create software tools or technology.
  • Hybrid companies that create content, technology and software tools are in the “General Member” classification.

Why content makers should join The Immersive Technology Alliance:

  • Play a part in setting the standard(s) and/or expectations for immersive content development.
  • Get connected with industry leaders.
  • The industry will back you! Where possible and appropriate, alliance members will promote your content as part of their sales efforts.
  • The ITA will help ensure content compatibility with leading immersive technology and software.
  • The alliance is there to promote your content compatibility industry-wide. We have no proprietary interests, and we are a non-profit organization.
  • Reach immersive technology consumers and start selling products TODAY.
  • Benefit from industry leverage, and have a voice that will be heard and recognized.
  • Where possible, get valuable coverage at media-centric events.

Membership Rates

The Immersive Technology Alliance offers very inexpensive membership options for both professionals and formalized content making ventures and companies.  In the case of qualified content making companies, they can get their first year of membership for free, or invest up to a maximum of $10,000 in annual fees for additional voting and promotional benefits. There is no barrier of entry for being informed, up to date, and compatible with a wide range of immersive technology hardware both current and forthcoming.

Here is a brief summary of the key points and sections most applicable to content makers:

  • All qualified members, including content makers, have a single organizational vote on matters of standard and position. Voting rights require a modest paid membership status.
  • While encouraged, participating content makers are NOT required to be compatible with available immersive technologies.
  • All members retain ownership of their IP, and non-disclosure clauses are in place to protect sensitive information shared by your company and fellow members.
  • Participating with the alliance will not infringe on any proprietary business relationships and branding.
  • Depending on membership level, alliance participants can also benefit from complimentary advertising on

Annual Membership Rates are as follows:

Content Basic FREE
Content Contributor $5,000
Content Promoter $10,000



Details are subject to change without notice.  Limitations apply to all “*” items in the following tables.

Prospective members should email to receive and sign a formal membership agreement.

Tiers and Benefits in The ITA

The ITA Content Basic Content Contributor Content Promoter
Annual membership fee FREE $5,000 $10,000
Recognized as an ITA Member Company.  Company logo appears on website.
Access to private teleconference meetings. Space Permitting* 1 Representative 2 Representatives 4 Representatives
Access to private in-person ITA meetings and events. 1 Representative 2 Representatives 4 Representatives
Immersed Access, ITA's private community website when available.  Site will feature NDA backed forums, presentations, blogs, etc. 1 account Up to 10 accounts Up to 25 accounts.
Discounts on participating vendor services.
Corporate banner ad rotation on Front Page Front Page, Private Community
Internal Research reports* Standard Rates Discounted Free
Acknowledgement in the ITA press releases. When possible, inclusion in introductory alliance press release. When possible and appropriate, inclusion in all releases. When possible and appropriate, inclusion in all releases.
Option to write 'Industry Speaks' articles/editorial * ●* ●* ●*
Dedicated discussion forum on the ITA website that company can participate with when available.  Forums enhanced with company logo in listing.*
Freedom to send press releases directly to corporate membership lists * Standard Rates Discounted Free
Committees, sub-committees, and steering teams Participate, NO VOTE Participate, CAN VOTE Chair/Co-Chair Eligibility
White papers and tutorials Can Submit Submit and review Submit and review
Board of Directors Membership Eligible

ITA Meant to be Seen ( Benefits Basic Content Contributor Content Promoter
Promotional banner on the front page of *
Promotional banner in the consumer article pages. * Discounted
Run of site ads. Key sections include the front page, article pages, forums, and more. * Discounted
Promotion in MTBS videos. * Discounted
Dedicated consumer discussion forums on MTBS. Forums are enhanced with a company logo in the listing. *
The option to participate with "Industry Speaks" articles and/or write editorials for the community to read. *
Ability to survey members for internal research purposes.Available for purchase Discounted
Email blasts to registered members. * Available for purchase Discounted