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What is Immersive Technology?

Technology that makes the user feel and experience a digital world as though they are inside it. This is primarily referred to as “virtual reality”, but it also includes and/or features technologies like stereoscopic 3D, haptics (touch), sound, and gesture/motion control.

Technology that changes the way we experience the world around us. This is usually referred to as “augmented reality” and is often associated with glasses-like technologies that add digital imagery above and beyond what a user would normally see.

Immersive technologies that can stand on their own, but aren’t necessarily used in conjunction with AR or VR.  Gesture control and motion capture are good examples of this.

Where is Immersive Technology Today?

While immersive technology has been around in countless forms for decades, only now is there an industry-wide concerted effort to make this affordably available for consumers.

The modern era started as an affordable VR product idea shared in the MTBS discussion forums by Palmer Luckey which resulted in a successful launch by Facebook / Oculus VR. Additional market leaders with existing and upcoming products include Sony PlayStation, Samsung, HTC, Valve, FOVE, ImmersiON-VRelia, Google, Microsoft, Magic Leap, Optoma Technology, and countless more with more to come.

What was formerly relegated to the specialized markets is quickly becoming an affordable reality for consumers, academics, and professionals alike.


Press Releases

Immersive Technology Alliance Celebrates Second Birthday

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Toronto, Ontario (March 10, 2015) –The Immersive Technology Alliance (ITA), the official trade organization for immersive technologies such as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and stereoscopic 3D, is celebrating its second year under its new name and mandate.  The alliance was founded in 2009 and features dozens of member…

Virtual and Augmented Reality takes Center Stage at Immersed Europe Conference

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Murcia, Spain Event features educational presentations, demos, and business / career building opportunities. Murcia, Spain (July 22, 2015) – Hosted by The Immersive Technology Alliance and the University of Murcia, Immersed Europe takes place September 3rd and 4th (Thursday, Friday). It features two days of sessions by global immersive technology…

ITA Introduces New Membership Class, Launches Immersed Access, Garners New Alliance

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Industry Finally Has a Place to Learn About Augmented and Virtual Reality in PRIVATE Toronto, Ontario, Canada (May 28, 2015) – Until recently, the non-profit and non-proprietary Immersive Technology Alliance was limited to corporations or academic institutions. At the 2015 SVVR conference, the ITA has announced the immediate availability of…


ImmerVision Joins ITA

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“We are delighted to join the ITA community. We have been leading innovation in 360-degree panoramic imaging for more than 15 years. Collaborating with a large ecosystem of component vendors, optics, sensors, processors, module makers and product manufacturers, we work to put in the hands of everyone the ability to capture 360° videos, share easily and experience through VR platforms. Our patented technology combines 360° panomorph optics and immersive viewing functionalities to expand possibilities for VR and beyond.” – Alessandro Gasparini, Executive Vice-President, Chief Commercial Officer.

ImmerVision specializes in 360-degree panoramic imaging, and license their patented panomorph optical and software technology to global lens producers, product manufacturers and software developers. Panomorph lenses are the only ones that can be adapted to any camera, any sensor, and any consumer, commercial and government market.

The ITA is very excited to welcome ImmerVision to the alliance!

ITA Opens VR Discussions at FMX 2016

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FMX is easily the premier event for networking and learning from market leaders and pioneers working in digital media and technology. This year, The Immersive Technology Alliance has been honored to work with their content development team to help build their program pertaining to virtual reality and immersive tech, though thanks to their team’s hard work, most already know to make their way down to FMX each year. It’s just the place to be! Read More

Realities.IO Wins Nvidia GTC Conference Top Prize

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Dominic Eskofier, Realities.io Co-Founder

ITA Member Realities.io won the top prize of $15,000 at Nvidia’s GTC conference.  This is very exciting stuff!

After being launched on Steam, the Realities.io team beat out the competition of over 60 virtual reality companies in the Nvidia VR showcase at GTC.  Realities.IO ran a very popular HTC Vive demo during last year’s Immersed Europe, and everyone who has seen their work with photogrammetry has been tremendously impressed.  A big congratulations to all involved!

ITA in Open Gaming Alliance GDC 2016 VR Panel

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This virtual reality panel was held as part of the Open Gaming Alliance sessions during GDC 2016. We covered everything from input control and VR experiences to specialized VR content designed for women.

From left to right, panelists include:

  • Wanda Meloni, Executive Director, The Open Gaming Alliance
  • Neil Schneider, Executive Director, The Immersive Technology Alliance
  • Kim Pallister, Director of the VR Center of Excellence, Intel
  • Guilliaume Gouraud, VP of Business Development and the StarVR Project, Starbreeze Studios
  • Remi Arnaud, Chief Software Archtect, Starbreeze Studios

The audio is difficult to hear at times; we cleaned it up as best we could by boosting the volume in different areas. The session was very popular!

Optoma Joins The Immersive Technology Alliance

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“We are excited to join the ITA to work together as an industry to move forward immersive experiences.  As an electronics company focused on engaging consumers with audio-visual products and technologies, we see virtual reality as the next frontier, and it’s important that we get the software, hardware and content aligned and optimized to bring the best experience to consumers.” – Robert Sterzing, President, Optoma

The Immersive Technology Alliance is very proud to announce Optoma as its latest member in a growing list of industry leaders and influencers.  While Optoma has primarily earned their namesake in projection technologies, they have most recently made anonymous headlines for actively developing a completely wireless virtual reality head mounted display for desktop computers.  Welcome aboard!