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Together, we can make immersive technology successful.
From virtual reality to stereoscopic 3D, and everything in-between.

What is Immersive Technology?

Technology that makes the user feel and experience a digital world as though they are inside it. This is primarily referred to as “virtual reality”, but it also includes and/or features technologies like stereoscopic 3D, haptics (touch), sound, and gesture/motion control.

Technology that changes the way we experience the world around us. This is usually referred to as “augmented reality” and is often associated with glasses-like technologies that add digital imagery above and beyond what a user would normally see.

Immersive technologies that can stand on their own, but aren’t necessarily used in conjunction with AR or VR.  Gesture control and motion capture are good examples of this.

Where is Immersive Technology Today?

While immersive technology has been around in countless forms for decades, only now is there an industry-wide concerted effort to make this affordably available for consumers.

What started as an idea originally shared in the MTBS forums by famed Palmer Luckey, Oculus VR has already sold over a hundred thousand developer kits, so software makers can support their future products. This was just the beginning. Sony, Samsung, ImmersiON-VRelia, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Valve, Magic Leap, and countless more are all heavily invested in this space – and there is much more to come.

What was formerly relegated to the specialized markets is quickly becoming an affordable reality for consumers, academics, and professionals alike.


Press Releases

Non-Profit, Immersive Technology Alliance Gets Ready to Standardize Virtual Reality

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Leading Technology and Software Makers Joining Forces to Solidify Market Toronto, Ontario, Canada (January 5, 2015) – The Immersive Technology Alliance (ITA) is currently forming working groups to make effective quality assurance and software compatibility standards for virtual reality (VR) devices. Defined industry standards will allow content makers to confidently…


Immersed Conference Delivers on Promise, Proceedings Being Made Available Online

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Attendees & Exhibitors Garner Success at Immersed, Next Year’s Event Confirmed Toronto, Ontario, Canada (December 16, 2014) – Organized by The Immersive Technology Alliance, the Immersed conference was the first major East Coast industry building event for technologies such as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and stereoscopic 3D. Featuring…

World’s Leading Immersive Products, Experts, and Industry Join Forces at Immersed

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Over 40 Speakers and First-Look Exhibition Will Build Market and Wow Audiences TORONTO, ONTARIO–(Marketwired – Nov 13, 2014) – Organized by The Immersive Technology Alliance, the Immersed conference features two days of sessions by worldwide virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and 3D experts. It takes place at 99 Sudbury…

SamsungPresents at ITA Annual Meeting, New ITA Website!

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“It was a pleasure being able to present to some of the best minds in VR right now.” – Alexander Chu, Interaction Designer, Samsung Research America

Alex Chu is Interaction Designer at Samsung Research America in Dallas. He was the design lead for Milk VR, a 360 degree video service for Gear VR, and worked on the original Gear VR prototype.  Alex talked about the effective use of space in VR at the ITA Annual Meeting.  The meeting was clearly a rare opportunity to tap into one of the leading minds in VR right now! Read More

ITA Annual Meeting: Futurists Panel

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The Immersive Technology Alliance’s 2015 Annual Meeting attracted some of the biggest names in the industry.  From left to right:

  • Colin Shin, EVP and Co-Founder of Siliconarts
  • Bertrand Nepveu, CEO of VRvana
  • Ethan Schur, CMO of ImmersiON-VRelia
  • Davic Cole, Co-Founder of NextVR
  • Frank Vitz, Creative Director, Crytek
  • Richard Huddy, Chief Gaming Scientist, AMD
  • Dr. Jon Peddie, CEO, Jon Peddie Research

Much more to come! Read More


More ITA Tickets, SIGGRAPH Festival in Toronto

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If you tried to register for the upcoming ITA Annual Meeting and got wait-listed on Eventbrite, GOOD NEWS! We were able to rebalance the tickets and there is a bit more room capacity than originally anticipated. Get registered while you still can. You don’t have to be an ITA member to access the public portion.

The Immersive Technology Alliance is also proud to be a media sponsor for the Toronto ACM SIGGRAPH’s showing of the SIGGRAPH 2014 Computer Animation Festival for everyone who missed it in Vancouver. Roy Anthony will be hosting.  The alliance has special discount codes for ITA members.

Read More

Registration Open For ITA Annual Meeting

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immersionvrelia ita3DlogoSMALL Khronos Group 300

The Immersive Technology Alliance is proud to reveal our agenda for our annual meeting taking place March 4, 2015 at 9:00 AM PST at SF Green Space at EEFG in San Francisco, California – close to the Game Developers Conference (GDC) Moscone Center venue. This meeting is possible thanks to sponsorship from The Khronos Group and ImmersiON-VRelia. Refreshments will be served, so arrive about 10 minutes early! Read More

Game Developers Conference 2015

ITA Annual Meeting at GDC 2015

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With thanks to sponsorship from The Khronos Group and other parties to be announced, The Immersive Technology Alliance is pleased to invite you to our next annual meeting scheduled for 9:00AM to 10:45AM PST, March 4, 2015 at the Game Developers Conference (off-site). The meeting will be comprised of two parts. The first part will be open to the general industry and media. The second part will be private and for members only. We are preparing guest speakers, and expect it to be an informative session. Full location details will be revealed closer to GDC.

The meeting will feature:

• Special guest and member presentations
• Progress of the alliance; where we’re headed
• Open standards pertaining to content and technology makers
• and more!

Read More