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official_ita3d RT @GetImmersed: Don't forget about our Immersed training stream on Nov. 24th. Learn from industry experts! #immersed #VR #AR

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Special Thanks to Immersed Sponsors

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"AMD Radeon™ GPUs and AMD Accelerated Processing Units are widely recognized as high-performance platforms for augmented, gestural and virtual reality technologies.  We are proud to support Immersed as an opportunity to foster new Canadian expertise in these exciting areas of graphics innovation." - David Nalasco, Senior Technical Marketing Manager, AMD

The Immersive Technology Alliance wishes to express its appreciation to the Premier Sponsors who have stepped forward to make the Immersed conference possible.  In tandem with Founding Partners Canada Media Fund and the Ontario Centres of Excellence, these industry leaders are making it possible to hold the first industry-building conference designed to meet the needs of the virtual reality, augmented reality, stereoscopic 3D, and gesture tech communities on the East Coast.  Their efforts are further supplemented by the growing number of exhibits that will be showing brand new content, technology, and ideas.

Read more: Special Thanks to Immersed Sponsors

Experience Things at Immersed FIRST!

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Immersed continues to shape up. The new public discount code is "ImmerseMe", and this takes $75 off the full registration rate. The earlier discount block is completely sold out.

Our advice is to register now because there will be unique first-access content and prototype announcements and reveals at Immersed. The top, top people will be there, and this event is designed to help this industry grow by having all the tools needed under one roof. Media, investment, industry, expertise, you name it.  Whoever is serious about getting involved in this market needs to be at Immersed.

Details will be revealed later, but in addition to presentations, there will be awesome exhibitions put together by the likes of Jaunt, Next Galaxy, ImmersiON-VRelia, the Canadian Film Centre (this is the group that works with David Cronenberg), and more. Only the absolute best will be speaking and exhibiting, and it's a very rare opportunity to be involved with something like this.  Looking forward to seeing everyone at Immersed!

Next Galaxy Corp. Joins The ITA

"The Immersive Technology Alliance has been instrumental in not only bringing exposure to individual VR companies, but, importantly, to the VR industry as a whole. ITA is recognized as the epicenter of immersive technology and leading medium for companies from all aspects to collaborate to advance technology, ensure interoperability and define standards that are necessary for consumer Virtual Reality to become mainstream globally. With our unique offerings in VR audio and content, it was appropriate for Next Galaxy to get on the ground floor with other pioneers and visionaries to help immersive technologies reach its full potential." - Mary Spio, Founder and President, Next Galaxy Corp.

The ITA is proud to welcome Next Galaxy Corp. to the alliance.  Next Galaxy Corp. continues to earn headlines for being the founder of CEEK – a fully immersive social entertainment and educational hub for VR - a metaverse platform.  Called CEEKARS, Next Galaxy Corp has also developed a 360-degree audio headphone specifically designed for virtual reality devices such as the Oculus Rift.

Mary Spio will be speaking at Immersed this coming November 23-24 in Toronto, Ontario.  Next Galaxy Corp. will also be giving a very early look at both the CEEK and CEEKARS technologies in the exhibit hall.  Immersed promises to be an exciting conference for all!

Immersed Hits Twenty-Five Speakers and Counting!

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"Angel investors will surely take an interest in Ontario's best immersive-tech startups, and the Network of Angel Organizations Ontario is grateful for the opportunity to learn more about this new and exciting technology." - Mark Lawrence, Director, Network of Angel Organizations Ontario.

Immersed is an industry-building conference that specializes in content and technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality, 3D, and more.  The investment community, media, and top industry experts will all be there.

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